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Fresh Exam is one the well known and trusted names in the world in providing IT exam material.

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Top 5 Certifications that Will Get You Your Dream Job in IT Industry

The IT industry is growing and certification courses will help you grow your career. There are several colleges which offer the certification courses. You can even enroll in online programs where you can get the certification programs. Due to the ever changing trends in the IT industry, you need to get the certification so that you can be prepared for the new changes and opportunities. There are different types of certification courses available; you need to assess the different certification courses so that you can know the best where you can enroll.

1. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

The certification course is essential for IT security professionals. If you are looking forward to be employed in areas such as security auditors, security consultants, security engineers among other well-paying jobs, then you need to enroll in the certification course. The course comes with several requirements. For example, you will have at least 5 years of experience in the information security technologies.


2. AWS Developer Associate Certification

The course involves an award which is offered to professionals who have thrived in the Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of services hence a certification in the course will offer you great opportunity to get started. If you are looking for a way you can improve your earning and advance your career, then you need to invest in the course.

3. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Certification

The course is among the best you can enroll if you deal with computer forensics. Computer hacking professionals and investigators are required in different fields. For example, they are helpful in areas such as cybercrime prevention, law enforcement, corporation where they are involved in defense of data. Data security is among the things which require careful attention. The course offers professionals in the data security the necessary skills required to keep data safe while in different work environments.

4. Project Management Professional (PMP)

It is among the most popular certification courses offered by the project management institute.The course targets project managers, executives and software developers. Project managers are involved in leading projects among other areas which require technical knowledge on information technology. If you can get certified, you open doors to opportunities such as working in Atkins, amazon, CBRE among other well-paying jobs.

5. Data Scientist


The professionals who undertake the course are well conversant of technologies such as python, SAS, Hadoop, R programming among other courses. Data scientist is a course which is designed for professionals such as banking analysts, IT professionals, business analysts, marketing managers among others. To get certification in data scientists, you need to have at least a degree in computer science, mathematics, programming and statistics. You will need some experience in areas such as coding, python, R language, Hadoop among others. After you pass the certification you can be employed in Microsoft, Pfizer, and Boeing among other well-paying companies. Taking the certification courses will help you grow your career. Many employers are looking for professionals who are fully certified.

Great Ideas to Get Accepted at IT Companies


In this day and age, getting a job at a top-tier software company is probably everyone’s dream. You need to work hard to get it though. You start from the bottom to rise up to the top. It all starts with the technical interview. Here are tips on how to crack a technical interview at software companies.

1. Be modest
In other words, don’t brag too much. The more you brag about yourself and your skills, the more unconvincing it is for the IT Company. Remember, you are applying to work in an organization where it involves a lot of people. It is not about you, you, and you. It is more about “us” as a company.


2. Show confidence
You need to be modest and confident at the same time. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, how can a company have confidence in you? Be careful though, and don’t go over the top, words may slip unexpectedly.

3. Sharpen your IT skills
It’s an IT company and surely you need to sharpen yourself by reading books and articles and watch IT-related videos. They might even ask you to do some programming which is something you need to be prepared to do. Remember, there are two sets of questions in technical interviews at IT companies, namely basic knowledge of computer science and domain understanding.

4. Explain things clearly
Communication is always a huge plus when applying a job to any company. It takes more than IT skills to pass a technical interview. Here is a list of things you need to do that requires good communication skills:
• Explaining
• Giving instructions
• Giving feedback
• Coordinating a team for projects
• Presenting thoughts and ideas
• Receiving instructions
• Asking for clarification
• And the list goes on and on…

5. Stay honest

You don’t want to say things which aren’t true or things you’re not too sure of. Some interviewees might want to look smart, or even outsmart the interviewer by going too far. You may want to do some reading, but don’t memorize things. Memorizing things doesn’t necessarily mean you actually understand a concept. So, the best input to this is to read and practice or learn how to do it. Software companies want you to get things done, not just know things.

6. Say delightful things about others

You might have had a horrible experience in the past with your former employer or colleagues. Don’t tell them though. Companies want to work with positive and open-minded people. If you had problems with others in the past, there is no guarantee you will not have the same issues with your future boss and co-workers. If companies know that you frequently have issues with others leading you to jump companies, they consider that as a bad reputation.

Before applying for any job, make sure you are applying for the right one. You might want to do the following to ensure yourself:
• Convince yourself you actually want to work for a company
• Go through job search portals and make sure this the best job out there for you
• Do some study on the company you are applying to

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